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Digital Marketing Digest – hot topic and news from around the web.

Digital DNA – Get the basics of digital marketing covered before you start spending money on PPC. Here’s the quick list to get you on the right track.

SEO Page Rank Factors –
Searchmetrics just released the 2014 Page Rank Factors Report. Here’s the quick take on what you need to know.

Facebook Kills Viral Reach When Sharing Other Page’s Post – Edgerank Checker
We recommend that you do not directly Share content from other brands. It’s more advantageous to create the content yourself. If you can’t create the content, we recommend repurposing the content.

SEO & Search in a Social Media World: Top 16 Content Tips
Get your content in order and you will increase your visibility. Learn more about your visibility and you can craft better content. > continue reading

The Liability of Ignorance: How, Where, and When To Join a Social Community
You don’t have to comment or post immediately. In fact, the better plan is to listen for a while, get the feel of the conversation before jumping in. But DO JUMP IN, because your current position of ignoring social media is about to become a “liability of ignorance.” > continue reading

Defining Social Media: Online Marketing + Social Networks = Social Media
Social media requires more than a handful of accounts and a “launch.” The results are part of the journey, not merely launch performance numbers. Social media is the conversational part of your overall online marketing plan. > continue reading

HOW TO FIX TWITTER: What Killed the Conversation on Twitter?
It’s NOT ALL GOOD in the world of social media, Facebook and Twitter. And while Twitter has come a long way, they continue to stumble forward like a giant in-search-of it’s next meal. We could hope that next acquisition and destruction would be beneficial to us or to the Twitter functionality. For the most part, it’s merely a financial play: either Twitter is trying to KILL something from becoming a threat, or MERGE something into Twitter in attempts to find the PROFIT CENTER. > continue reading

Basics of Online Marketing (Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, eMail Marketing, Content Marketing)
Online marketing is the process of connecting all of your online *and* offline marketing campaigns with a coordinated “social” communication channels. Social is all about creating a two-way experience between the potential customer and your business. > continue reading

Pulling You Out of the Lurker Mode; How Can We Make It Easier To Connect?
The real kicker here is, I’m REALLY asking this question of the LURKERS. (Waves. “Hi There.”) I know you’re there on Facebook, Twitter. Heck, you’re here on my blog. Won’t you come out from behind the wall of silence and comment. Even just to say, piss off? > continue reading

Your Customer Service Web is Facebook, Are You Listening and Responding?
Facebook is your interface to 800 million potential customers, but also know that your customers are all on Facebook. So you might start treating Facebook like a communications channel instead of a broadcast network. It’s it’s why we call it “social” media. > continue reading

Full-Service Marketing Agencies? Can One Firm Handle Everything?
With a social firm, what you are getting is 100% of the bandwidth of the smartest people in the company thinking about ONE THING, YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. The leadership of a full-service ad agency, or an old-school PR firm will be hard pressed to focus much more than about 8% of their energy on your “social program.”  > continue reading

Facebook Commerce – Winning Business from 800 Million Consumers
Social media is part of the marketer’s toolbox. Don’t forget there are a lot of other parts of the success equation you have to get right. If you don’t know how to do some of those things, get help.   > continue reading

How To Generate Strategic Content for Social Media?
“The main goal of content strategy is to use words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences.” – Rachel Lovinger > continue reading


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